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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Three years later... - a status update.

Hey. I have no idea why anyone would intentionally check this page anymore while my other site is up and running; but since this blog apparently does still get a dozen views every few days or so still, here is a quick update as to what you guys may be missing over on my main page. I still do not plan to really update this blog further, I just felt compelled to leave something a bit more up to date than that old message, just in case someone finds this page and does not know about my new site and stuff.

This is the main menu graphic for Salune's Slave Training, (that slave training game I talked about making back when this blog was still used) which is currently at version 1.06, now with an expanded opening, night graphics, and some voice snippets for Zayla! (Hopefully with more to come.) The game was finished a few months ago, with smaller updates coming every two months or so. The game features sixteen different training activity options to play with, and two weeks to get all of Salune's stats as high as possible, to get one of the five different endings based on how well/bad you did. It also has a cg gallery, music, and even a password system to unlock the entire cg gallery if you get stuck. The training options themselves have at least four variations each, many with other text variations within those that vary based on assorted factors. (Check my main site for additional previews/more information.) For an idea as to what this game is like, check out the free demo I made/posted a couple months back!!3ptwQRpL!qTMVM2Z53uD_ZRCjjKSf1Szjksdp-MhSVQGCGdQeFbs If for some reason you find this in the far future and this link no longer works, check my main site for the updated/most recent version of the demo. The full game is available via my Patreon page.

And here is the first preview from chapter one of my recent new story arc, "Life in the City" - which continues the story told in "Road to Lithorca"; of course RTL has long since concluded and is freely available to preview/download on my new site. There are new major characters, like Faye - shown above; and all sorts of fun sex stuff as always in LITC. My general render skills and such have improved a lot since I left this old blog, (as I hope all my skills have) and I think it shows in many ways in newer renders; so don't hesitate to check out my new site and all the previews and such I have posted there! If you think you might want full access to some/all of the other content I make, check out my Patreon page!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New site done, phasing this blog out as much as possible.

Hey. So the new site is done ( and I am closing up this blog more or less.

If you are here reading this. chances are you found an old link or looked at one of my old renders with this URL on it. This was the home of my work until blogger attempted it's various anti-adult content shenanigans. As if the original attempt at banning adult blogs wasn't enough, this blog got taken down for about a day a while back for no reason whatsoever by some automated blogger anti-abuse system, but it is back up now. (There was literally no reason for it, they sent me a message saying that it was apparently an accident and reinstated my blog here.)

I had already planned on keeping my new site, but this last thing with blogger deleting my blog for no reason whatsoever was just the last straw. If you are someone who hosts adult stuff on blogger, I urge you to move elsewhere before any of this happens to you. I am hoping that this blog will remain up as a forward to my new site,, as I know that people will continue to come here as they find old renders of mine.

There will be new votes up there and all sorts of awesome new content soon enough, so check it out if you haven't already. This blog will still house all the old posts, and other things that I didn't bother porting over to the new page. However there will be no new content posted here, so head over to the new site to see all my new, fancy stuff!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New site:

Hey again. So I am still working on the banners and a few other images for various things, but the new site is up, and it is It's taking longer than I thought it would, but I am trying to make things look really nice and give it all sorts of functions that I want/need. I have cloned the polls, so to the five people who actually voted, please revote over there. I also reposted all my old content (yes I know I could have imported the entire old blog but I wanted to start over as much as possible) and I posted the latest new set over there! (Set eight.) Sets 1 and 2 are also available in an archive download for the first time ever! Even though the site isn't totally done yet I wanted the handful of people that actually check my blog to see it first, so go check it out and let me know what you think!

If you are one of the people I have traded banners with on this blog; I plan to attempt to correct all my existing banner exchanges to the new site once I finish making the new banners. (So give me a week or so.) I will update all my links on deviantart and such once the banners are done. My Patreon page has been redone yet again to reflect the new situation, any and all support is appreciated and will help me to continue to do what I am doing. I still am not sure how long to extend the Patreon set exclusivity, so that is still in the air. (It probably won't get decided until the end of this month when I post the next set.) I am supporting this old blog until the end of march when I plan to leave the abandon ship message and move to the new site, so update your bookmarks and RSS links with new ones. (RSS link above the search bar on new site.)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

New site layout problems fixed, working on images, details and such. Two new polls up.

Hey. So I finally fixed the main problem I was having with the new wordpress blog, and now I can get back to making the new images for the site. There are still plenty of other less annoying issues to fix but overall it is shaping up.

There are two new polls up; the first is asking if I should keep using speech bubbles and text on my new, nice Octane rendered images for the story bits of my sets. I always include the clean versions anyway, but I just wondered if maybe I should do something else now since big white bubbles look rather bad on such nice images. Let me know what you think, because it may change how I do the story parts of my sets.

The second poll asks which of the four acts provided is your favorite? (I left off handjobs/feet because they came in last in the big polls months ago; I figured there was no reason to bother.) This is just useful for me to know, so vote in that as well as the one poll on pollmaker about who I should use in my first VN attempt. (

The previous poll ended earlier today and the results were: long hair won by a fair bit, short hair got second by one vote. Medium, ponytails, and updos/buns came in third with 3 votes each. Braids got one vote, and fancy fair got nothing; which is good because it is usually crap to work with. I will keep these results in mind, but I did plan to have a variety of hairs used anyway.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Well shit; Google backed down.

So funny story.

(After I paid for a site already; hilarious. Good for a lot of other people though.)

This is good news of course, but I m not risking this shit happening again/for real. I already paid for the new site anyway... so I might as well use it. I also don't have to deal with many of the blogger/google restrictions on what I post on the new place anyway. (There are theoretical restrictions on what you can have on these blogs, or so I have heard.) So the current delays are still current, I hope to resume production sometime next month... I have no clue what to do with this blog now, there is no point in maintaining two pages and yet it apparently can continue to exist. I will probably just leave it up as a redirect as planned... No reason to not use the new site really; it should be better in every way once I get everything situated/figured out. I did not expect google to change their minds on this, especially not so quickly. Also: vote in this poll would be appreciated: (

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Situation Update - Edited 2/26

Ok so I have a website, but I need time to set it all up. I am doing the best I can considering my web skills are mostly ten years out of date. I hope to have this done shortly, then I can begin moving the actual content from this blog to the new one. I plan to leave this blog up as a redirect, after I wipe all the images from it. I also plan to remake all the site images and banners, my skills have come a long way since I made those and they needed updating anyway...
EDIT 2/26: I have no idea how long this will take, but it is going to push things back two weeks at the absolute minimum. (So what was supposed to be this month's story set will likely be next month's instead due to unforeseen blogger circumstances.) New banners and such are looking nice so far, even in early previews due to octane. Side note, the Octane people sort of got back to me; still waiting on one message. Long story short, it seems like I have to manually do tattoos from this point forward due to Octane limitations. This isn't really a problem in most cases, it just takes some extra work to set up.

The only issue here will be for Salune's skin since she is fairly covered in tattoos, that one will suck to fix if I can even do it. There is the possibility that I may have to just edit the character down a bit to make this more doable, I will see how bad it is when I get there. (She has like... eight or so different textures that I will have to edit manually to get the tattoos working in Octane.) I will attend to that whenever I get the site setup, it is just one thing in a long list of crap I have to do before I get back to making sets again.

Even when I can get back to making proper content, now I have no idea what my new system will be like since now I have to pay just to host this stuff. Previously, I had planned to extend Patreon image set exclusivity for a month or two more, but now I don't even know what to do. Blame blogger for all this crap, I just hope other artists have some sort of backup plan as well... I can't even imagine how many people are getting screwed by this.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Status Update 2/23/15: Major problem next month and next set preview.

IMPORTANT EDIT: So I just got an email that blogger will no longer allow graphic explicit content as of march 23; (it looks real) which is a major problem as this blog is currently where I host my content. I can just remove all graphic content and give general previews such as this one, but I am not sure that will do it and this is still really bad. I don't get much of any real support from this yet, so paying for an actual website would be silly... Especially considering I just spent so much to buy Octane.  I have no idea what else to do other than wiping graphic content; other ideas/advice welcome... (And I thought things were going bad already...)

RE-EDIT: I am actually considering a separate website now, I have asked around and found some decent options, but this is still really shitty; for all adult artists on blogger, not just me. Any Patreon support would really be appreciated; especially now that I apparently am going to need it. I may have to redo my whole system due to this shit, I will see what happens. This completely fucks my schedule and I basically have to suspend further work until I figure this out. No point in making this stuff without someplace to put it...

Hey all. So I've been messing with Octane and trying to fix some problems that I've had with it so far. One major problem is fixed but the other I am still waiting to hear back from the Octane support people on. It has been a weird last week or so for me (it still is) and at best I may be able to finish the first part of this next set before next week. (The other half requires that tech support I haven't gotten a real response/solution to yet.) I could just render it with poser; but since I am building scenes with Octane in mind now, it would be silly not to use it. (It also takes literally a tenth the time and looks better.) Due to my getting Octane, I have to re-figure a ton of crap and do a lot of  things differently now; but overall it's much better. (At least for me as a creator, I am assuming the images look better too; I think so)

In any case, I did manage to get three figures working in an Octane scene which is nice because I can do what I was planning to do with this first part of set 9 and not the backup plan. Here is an early preview of part one of the next set; it will feature James and the two elf sisters from the last set. As always, this image may not be final; it is just a preview. I do not plan to release the set as part one and part two, but I may release part one on Patreon until part two is done; and then just post the full set. Even if the Octane people get back to me today, I still need time to finish all of this stuff; so getting everything done by next week is highly unlikely. Given all that's happened, I'd be surprised if I have anything done by the end of this week; but as always I will do my best. (Now highly unlikely to be done soon in any way due to blogger shenanigans, see above.) 

If people could keep voting in the polls, that would be nice... the VN poll still has less than half the votes of the one on the right for some reason. I guess pollmaker gets to stay on Patreon; people here like it even less than the normal polls. (