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Thursday, March 12, 2015

New site done, phasing this blog out as much as possible.

Hey. So the new site is done ( and I am closing up this blog more or less.

If you are here reading this. chances are you found an old link or looked at one of my old renders with this URL on it. This was the home of my work until blogger attempted it's various anti-adult content shenanigans. As if the original attempt at banning adult blogs wasn't enough, this blog got taken down for about a day a while back for no reason whatsoever by some automated blogger anti-abuse system, but it is back up now. (There was literally no reason for it, they sent me a message saying that it was apparently an accident and reinstated my blog here.)

I had already planned on keeping my new site, but this last thing with blogger deleting my blog for no reason whatsoever was just the last straw. If you are someone who hosts adult stuff on blogger, I urge you to move elsewhere before any of this happens to you. I am hoping that this blog will remain up as a forward to my new site,, as I know that people will continue to come here as they find old renders of mine.

There will be new votes up there and all sorts of awesome new content soon enough, so check it out if you haven't already. This blog will still house all the old posts, and other things that I didn't bother porting over to the new page. However there will be no new content posted here, so head over to the new site to see all my new, fancy stuff!

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